Save A Daughter Foundation  (S.A.D. Fresh Start) will  do there best to help those who suffer from mental illness.  Often this illness leaves the person unable to provide for themselves during this difficult time.  That's where SAD Fresh Start steps in. We (SAD Fresh Start) will do our best to give the home of the individual a complete make over if needed, whether  it's a simple cleaning of the home or just one room.   Upon receiving a referral from the agency you are working with or from SAD Foundation, the process begins with a very simple phone call or e-mail.  We will set and appoint with the client to make a home visit to evaluate the home. Once the Case Worker has submitted it's findings and suggestions we will then take this information before the board to begin the process.

The process, Can be revamping of the home with cleaning, painting, new used furniture, food, person hygiene, and providing a job for the individual.

Our fund raising allows us to  donate to families in need, linens, furniture, food, personal hygiene and clothing. We also provide cleaning and painting of the home to give the family a fresh start.


We know how hard it is  for the parent to entertain their children, when they are ill, therefore, we provide organized events and trips for the children.                           



Every little bit helps. Therefore, no donation is to small.

To make a donation please e-mail us your name and number and we will give you a call.

Feel free to contact us

0r by phone

Our current program is Surviving Our Community.
To learn more about this program please contact us by e-mail.

As always Volunteers are welcomed and needed.